Manufacturing Day Celebration

Community Engagement

October 1, 2021

Virtual Event

On October 1st, 2021, the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board (WDB) will join in the
national celebration of Manufacturing Day, shining a spotlight on the more than 4 million high‐skill and
high‐paying jobs manufacturers across the country expect to have available over the next decade.

At its core, Manufacturing Day is about inspiring students to consider and pursue careers in
manufacturing, and to that end, virtual and in‐person events are being held throughout the U.S.
For us here in San Bernardino County, the focus on manufacturing takes on extra importance.
We are a region of Builders, Makers and Movers, and chances are, you can go anywhere in the world and
find something that was made here, assembled here or delivered from here.

Today, there are 52,000 manufacturing jobs in San Bernardino County, and more than 91,000 in the Inland
Empire. These are good jobs, paying $20 or more an hour on average, with plenty of advancement
opportunities that raise salaries to 6 figures or more per year.

Most of these jobs do not require four‐year college degrees, but with the right skills training, job seekers
can set themselves up for great careers. At WDB, we’re proud to play an important role, through programs
such as On‐The‐Job Training, where we’ll reimburse up to half of the worker’s salary during the training
period, and our support of training partnerships and pathway initiatives across the county.
For more information on some of these programs and initiatives, please visit our website – – or contact one of our Business Services specialists.

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