Outstanding Employees – December 2017

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Each month IRC staffers are nominated by their colleagues in our Employee Recognition program. Check out these fantastic IRC staffers who were recognized for their contributions!

December 2017 – Positively Contagious Award
Lesly Diaz-Madrid, pictured left, is a Consumer Services Coordinator (CSC) in IRC’s Riverside Adult Central unit. Lesly is recognized for the support and kindness she shows her co-workers. She is known for going above and beyond to help her team succeed, offering team members assistance with challenging projects. A true advocate, she is described as treating the cases of other CSCs “just as seriously as her own.”

December 2017 – Hercules Award
Jessica Ferrin, pictured right, is a Consumer Support Technician-III (CST-III) in Adult Services. She is recognized for her dedication in leading IRC’s Fun Committee, in addition to her everyday responsibilities as a CST-III. The Fun Committee raises funds for, and plans, an amazing annual Employee Appreciation Event each December for IRC’s more than 700 staff! Jessica was described by her colleagues as both a natural leader and a team player!

Congratulations ladies! Thanks for helping make IRC such a great place to work!

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