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Inland Regional Center (IRC) contracts with community-based Service Providers to help IRC Clients live the most independent and empowered lives possible, as established by the Lanterman Act. IRC Service Providers or “Vendors” provide services to Clients, as outlined in the Client’s service plan. You can view a list of IRC Service Providers in your area using the Service Provider Search Tool. This page is designed to provide information and support to current Service Providers, as well as those interested in becoming an IRC vendor.

If you are interested in becoming an IRC Service Provider, please click here.

IRC Service Providers can now view Rate Study Implementation rates effective 1/1/2023 using the:

Vendor Rate Search Tool

IRC works alongside qualified individuals and organizations to develop innovative services for our Clients.

Current Service Providers

The following are resources and information frequently accessed by IRC Service Providers. If you would like additional information please contact your Quality Assurance liaison or IRC’s Community Engagement team.

Need assistance processing a service authorization? This tool allows Service Providers to contact the appropriate IRC Program Manager when additional information is needed.  Program Manager Search Tool

In serving Inland Regional Center Clients, all Service Providers adhere to IRC’s Policies and Procedures, including our Whistleblower Policy, our Zero Tolerance Policy, and our commitment to Client confidentiality.

Provider Updates

In this section, IRC will post important updates and information for Service Providers.

Updated Rates for Participant-Directed Services Effective January 1, 2023 (Minimum Wage Increase) - May 11, 2023

Early Start Standardized Information Packet - Letter to RCs (DDS) - May 1, 2023 | ES Information Handbook

Incidents of Behavioral Restraints, Seclusion, and Involuntary Emergency Medication (DDS) - April 14, 2023

Regional Center Performance Measures - Equity and Cultural Humility, Service Coordinator Competency in Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

RCPM - Employment, Participation in CIE | Enclosure CIE 30-Day Placement Performance Targets FY 2022-23

Update on Public Health Topics

Ending Special Incident Reporting for COVID-19 and Mpox

Regional Center Performance Measures – Equity And Cultural Humility, Service Coordinator Competency In Cultural And Ethnic Diversity

Updated CCF Rate Schedules - Effective January 1, 2023 (Minimum Wage Increase)

Requirements Under the Americans with Disabilities Act to Provide Effective Communication to Deaf Consumers

Remote ABA and Clinical Assessments Directive (DDS) - February 28, 2023

State of Emergency Declaration, 13 Counties - March 2023

DDS Directive on Extension of Waivers, Modifications, and Directives Due to COVID-19 - January 26, 2023

Transportation Services Monthly Reimbursement Rate | Enclosure

2023 Minimum Wage Provider Letter - Worksheets: General (Hourly Rate) | Preferred Provider Services - Annual

Minimum Wage Increase - Effective January 1, 2023

Alternative Non-Residential Services

Shared Vendors and Case Management Responsibility

CPP/CRDP Priorities 2022-2023

ARM Rates Effective 4/1/2022 and 7/1/2022 - Adults | Children

Service Coordinator Memo on Parental Home Visitation - September 2022

Self-Determination Program: Initial Person-Centered Plan and Pre-Enrollment Transition Supports Guidance

Early Start Eligibility Changes - July 2022

Provisional Eligibility for Regional Center Services - July 2022

Electronic Visit Verification - Service Codes Subject to EVV Requirements

2022 Employment Grants Announcement - English | Español | Vietnamese

Letter to Vendors Regarding April 2022 Invoices (PDF)

CCF Rate Schedule April 2022 - Adult | Children

CPP/CRDP Priorities 2021-2022

Reimbursement Rates for Intermediate Care Facilities

In-Home Respite Agency Worker Mileage Reimbursement Rate 2022

Residential Facilities Additional Staffing Protocol

CCF Rate Schedule Effective Jan 2022

Rate Study Implementation Notice - March 2022

2022 Minimum Wage Increase Letter

Events: Early Start 2022 Webinar Series Cultural Humility

CCF Rate Schedule - Effective January 1, 2022

Events: DDS Upcoming Rate Adjustment/Rate Study Implementation Meetings - Nov 9, 2021 | Nov 10, 2021 | Nov 15, 2021

Event: Alternative Services & Beyond: HCBS Settings Rule – Webinar

Article: HCBS Regulation Provider Funding for Compliance Activities

Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Phase 4 Factsheet

Article: Changes to Competitive Integrated Employment Incentive Payments - July 2021

Article: New, Exciting Changes to IRCs Paid Internship Program - July 2021

Guidance Regarding Alternative Service Deliver (ASD) for Early Start Vendors - August 13, 2021

Guidance Regarding Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) for Day Service and Transportation Vendors - August 13, 2021

Provider Information Notice (PIN) Summary – Supersedes PIN 21-28-ASC

DDS Provisional Eligibility for Regional Center Services - August 5, 2021  Enclosure

Purchase of Service Monthly Client List (Microsoft Excel)

DDS Guidance Regarding Reimbursement for Transportation Services for Alternative Non-Residential Services - July 22, 2021

Work Activity Program Services Maximum Billing Days Notice - Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Developing Outcomes through Person-Centered Planning - Webinar

DDS Directive on Guidance Regarding Reimbursement for Group Supported Employment for Alternative Non-Residential Services | Enclosure

DDS Directive on Guidance Regarding Rates for New Vendors for Alternative Non-Residential Services | Enclosure

DDS Directive on Guidance Regarding Reimbursement for Transportation Services for Alternative Non-Residential Services | Enclosure A | Enclosure B (Excel)

DDS Webinar - Person-Centered Practices & Cultural Considerations (Event)

2021 IHRA Mileage Reimbursement

DDS Guidance Regarding Reporting Requirements for Alternative Non-Residential Services - January 27, 2021

HCBS Regulations - Provider Funding for Compliance Activities

DDS Guidance Regarding Reporting Requirements for Alternative Non-Residential Services  |  Enclosure - Dec 2020 Reporting Survey

A Person Centered Approach to Risk Webinar - Calendar

2021 Minimum Wage Provider Letter - Rate Determination Worksheet | DDS Worksheet

Introducing the Vendor Rate Search Tool

Guidance Regarding Monthly Rates and Applicable Services for Alternative Nonresidential Services  |  Enclosure A  |  Enclosure B

DDS Directive on Waiver of Self-Determination Program Budget Restrictions for Financial Management Services - November 19, 2020

DDS Training on Person-Centered Practices

DDS Update on Monthly Rates for Alternative Nonresidential Services

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Alternative Non-Residential Services (DDS) | Announcement

DDS Directive on Waiver of Half-Day Billing Requirements for Day Services - October 2, 2020

Transportation Alternative Service Delivery Guidelines

HCBS Final Rule Compliance Report - Memo

FAQs CARES Act Additional Funding  |  Additional Information

Provider Relief Fund: Medicaid and CHIP Provider Distribution Fact Sheet

IRC Vendor Community Update - July 7, 2020

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Work Activity Program Maximum Billing Days Notice

DDS Directive on Criminal Background Checks for SDP and FHA - June 22, 2020 | Enclosure

DDS Directive on Extension of Early Start Services - June 15, 2020

DDS Directive on Submitting Notification of Supported Employement Program Group Changes - May 27, 2020

DDS Directive on CDSS Licensed Facilities Fingerprint Clearance and Exception Transfers

Training Resources for Residential Service Providers Hiring DSPs

DDS Directive on Additional Participant Directed Services – 3-30-2020

Train the Trainer Session - Providing Information to Surge Capacity Homes - Calendar Event | Minutes

CDSS Licensed Facilities Fingerprint Clearance

Becoming a Service Provider

To become a Service Provider with Inland Regional Center applicants must complete a thorough application and screening process called Vendorization. The Vendorization process allows IRC to select Service Providers that comply with all licensing and Title 17 regulations, as well as meeting IRC standards and requirements. IRC can only vendor Service Providers within IRC’s catchment area. During the Vendorization process, prospective Service Providers will be required to submit a valid business license with an address in either Riverside or San Bernardino county.

To initiate the process of becoming an IRC Service Provider, (NEW except for Residential Facilities) an applicant will submit a letter of intent to IRC’s Resource Development and Transportation Unit (RDTU). The letter should give a brief overview of the type of service the applicant would like to provide, the type of Clients they would like to work with, and the geographic location of their potential program/service. If the applicant knows the IRC service code for the type of service they are interested in providing, they should also include that.

After the RDTU Program Manager has reviewed the letter of intent they will assign a RDTU Specialist to assist the applicant in the program design review process. The RDTU Specialist will provide the applicant a checklist for what is required in their Program Design. A Program Design is a detailed business plan and a comprehensive report of precisely how a Service Provider will deliver services to IRC Clients. Program Designs include information about the program’s mission and service philosophies, how the business will be run, staffing ratios, crisis intervention plans, organizational charts, licensing information, staff credentials, and much more. Program Design requirements vary based on the type of service being provided, in accordance with Title 17 and IRC best practices.

Once an applicant has completed the Resource Development they will be referred to IRC’s Vendorization to submit all necessary documentation. If approved, the Service Provider, will be provided a Vendor number and service code.  Becoming an IRC Service Provider does not guarantee referrals. All services funded by IRC must be linked to an outcome in the Client’s Individual Program Plan. Service Providers should not initiate services before they are authorized by IRC.

Read More:

Residential Facility and Day Service Providers

Residential Facility

Those interested in opening a residential facility for IRC Clients must attend a New Residential Services Provider Orientation (NRSPO). These Orientations are held twice a year and are an integral part of the Vendorization process for Residential Service Providers. Read more in about these Orientations in the NRSPO Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: New Residential Services Provider Orientation must be completed before submitting a letter of intent.

NRSPO - Qualifications  |  Orientation Update

Day Service Providers

Those interested in starting a Day Service are encouraged to attend our Day Services Orientation (DSO). The orientation gives an overview of the different types of day services IRC vendors, as well as the process of becoming a day service provider. The orientation is held twice a year. For the next orientation, please check our Day Services Orientation Update.

DSO - Qualifications  |  Orientation Update

To begin the Vendorization process or for additional information contact IRC’s Resource Development and Transportation department.

Vendorization Overview | Frequently Asked Questions

Current Service Needs

For additional information, contact IRC's Resource Development and Transportation Unit at (909) 890-2523 or email [email protected].

Service Provider Forms

Inland Regional Center utilizes many forms to conduct business with its community partners and outside agencies. Several commonly used forms and documents may now be found in the listing below. For assistance locating a form that is not included in this listing, or for general questions regarding forms, please contact your IRC QA Liaison.

For a list of Community Care Licensing (CCL) forms, please visit their public website.