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In-Roads staff is equipped with First Aid kits in case of an emergency.

As COVID-19 cases continue to decline throughout the country, and California prepares to reopen business as usual on June 15, Inland Regional Center (IRC) is also anticipating the reopening of its Transportation and Day Service Programs on July 1, 2021. This reopening, however, is not without the proper health and safety policies in place.

IRC, in alignment with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Developmental Services (DDS), has created a “Reopening Checklist” for vendors. This checklist ensures all vendors, prior to re-opening, are familiar with the CDC and state health guidelines, have conducted a walkthrough of their location to ensure proper ventilation and arrangements have been made for physical distancing, and requires policies and procedures to be updated with a safety plan in place. Programs must also be updated to include safety protocols for entry, exits, meal breaks, and visitors. Vendors will work closely with IRCs Quality Assurance Liaisons to ensure they are ready to reopen come July 1st.

In addition to the completed checklist, Center-Based/Licensed Day Services must also submit a “Mitigation Plan”. This plan must include steps to be taken should an emergency arise. Once a vendor completes both the “Reopening Checklist” and the “Mitigation Plan”, they will be given the green light to begin the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) meetings for each client. These meetings will determine who will be returning to traditional face-to-face services and who may want to continue with an alternative model. It is important to keep in mind that returning to the traditional face-to-face programs is completely optional for clients.

An In-Roads staff member demonstrates how to use the contactless temperature scanner.

In-Roads staff will be required to wash their hands routinely and assist clients with proper hand washing techniques.

July 1st has been highly anticipated for many IRC clients, families, and vendors who are ready to return to their programs and reconnect with friends. Upon return, clients should expect some noticeable changes to their day programs and transportation services. It is important to understand that these changes are only in place to protect the health and safety of both clients and staff. Sharon Barton, CEO of In-Roads Creative Programs, is one of the many vendors who is working diligently to ensure that her day programs meet the criteria for reopening this July. For 21 years, In-Roads has provided various services for IRC clients across the Inland Empire. These services include:

  • Routine Respite
  • Preferred Provider Respite
  • Adult Day Program in Colton
  • Behavior Management Programs for adults in Rancho Cucamonga, Hemet and Menifee
  • CASS-Community Support Services
  • Individual/Family Support Program (IFTP)
  • Community Integration
  • Impact Arts Studio for Autistic Adults in Redlands

Sanitation Stations have been placed throughout the buildings.

Sharon and her staff have been working to ensure a safe re-opening day and a smooth transition to face-to-face services. Distance markers have been placed on the floor to encourage proper physical distancing, everyone is required to wear face masks while inside the program, sanitation stations have been set up in different areas of the building to ensure everyone has access to one, and contactless temperature check scanners have been mounted on the wall for clients, staff, and visitors to utilize before entering the building. Sharon has spared no expense ensuring all possible strategies are in place to protect the health and safety of all participants and staff.

Markers have been placed throughout the building to encourage physical distancing.

As a major supporter of IRC and IRC related events, such as Another Way’s Golf Tournament, Holiday Food and Toy Drive, and the IRC-CAC Fall Festival, Sharon and her staff are eager to re-open their doors to the clients they have been serving for years. Sharon wants families to know, “we are at a place where we can welcome back clients and families to programs and services, with safety measures in place, and begin transitioning back to traditional services, while also accommodating the needs of those clients who are not quiet ready for in person programs.” She hopes that the steps they are taking to ensure a safe return eliminates any reluctancy clients and families may be experiencing with the recent news of the reopening.


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