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This blog features excerpts and references an article published by a community partner.

Do you love soccer? Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club (GTCSC) invites you to join a special team from TOPSoccer with an explosive name- Dynamite!

From the article referenced below:

Operating as part of US Youth Soccer and CalSouth, the TOPS (The Outreach Program for Soccer) program is described as a “community-based recreational program specifically designed to help athletes with physical and mental disabilities participate in soccer.” US Youth Soccer’s website includes that it “provides people with diverse abilities an opportunity to play soccer in a structured environment that is safe, fun, supportive, and inclusive.”

Each week, Dynamite plays a non-TOPSoccer team from GTCSC, which may range in age from 6-12, depending on the division. The opposing team follows the lead of the coaches, as to when to try to score a goal, provide competition, or encourage Dynamite players to dribble and score. The game quickly becomes a lesson in empathy and sportsmanship, showing all involved that we are more alike than different. The overall love of the game ultimately unites the minds and hearts of players, coaches, and families.

Players as young as 4 years old can join and play into adulthood since there is no age limit.

If you are interested in having your child join the team or want to watch a game, the team plays every Sunday at 3:00 PM and practices every Wednesday at 6:00 PM at the upper south field of Richard Rollins Park. Spring season ends in May. The fall season will begin in August. Look for early registration. TOPSoccer registration is $10 per person. Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club, part of CalSouth District 5 (, accepts players from all areas. As long as you can provide transportation to Grand Terrace, then you are able to join Team Dynamite. TOPSoccer is a great opportunity for building social skills, confidence, teamwork, and friendships.

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