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Inland Regional Center (IRC) is an awesome place to work! If you ask our staff, they will tell you time and time again that “the people” are what make IRC great. Our team is made up of more than 780 dedicated employees working to support people with developmental disabilities in the Inland Empire.

Each month IRC staff nominate their outstanding colleagues in our Employee Recognition program. In this blog, we are highlighting the contributions of employees Osvaldo Guerra and Juan Castro!

Hercules Award Winner – Osvaldo Guerra       

Osvaldo, also known by members of #TeamIRC as Ozzy or Os, is an IRC Facilities Coordinator. Our Facilities team works diligently to keep our offices and buildings running smoothly! With an ever-growing staff, a conference center, and offices in two counties, this department stays busy. Which is why we are lucky to have Osvaldo, this month’s Hercules awardee, on the team!

The Hercules Award is given to IRC staffers that go above and beyond in their contributions to the agency. Ozzy absolutely fits this description. He is the definition of “hustler.” You often see him moving around the building working on a wide variety of projects. One day he is taking inventory of your iPad. The next day you see him setting up for an event. Another day he’ll stop by to help you with your office temperature or to hang a whiteboard in the hallway! Last month he was seen painstakingly hanging holiday décor as well as coordinating the installation of new carpet. No matter the task, Osvaldo makes sure that things are done thoroughly, correctly, and on time.

We asked Ozzy a few questions to learn more about him! Here’s what he said:

What do you like about working at IRC?

Well, I don’t do so well with essay questions but here we go. I think the thing I enjoy the most working here is the diversity in my day-to-day tasks.

What is your life like outside of work?

I enjoy going out to eat and hanging out with friends and family. I also like helping my friends and family by working on their cars.

Do you think this award reflects your personality and work here at the agency?

I do think receiving this award reflects my work here because I am always willing to do as much as I can to help.

Positively Contagious Award Winner – Juan Castro

Juan is a Consumer Services Coordinator in our Riverside School Age Central unit. IRC Service Coordinators work alongside our clients to empower them to live as independently as possible, while being fully included members of our communities. Service Coordinators like Juan help secure services for our clients while also acting as a source of support and advocacy.

Juan was chosen to receive the Positively Contagious Award which couldn’t be more appropriate. He has a huge heart and a kind spirit. He is quick to support others and is generous with smiles and laughs. Here is what his colleagues had to say about him, “Juan exudes positive energy and his smile is infectious. He is always willing to jump-in and assist coworkers; he has a heart for helping people.”

Wanting to get to know him a little better we asked Juan a few questions. Here is what he shared with us!

What do you like about working at IRC?

I enjoy my connection with peers, and those I come to meet daily, in every department at IRC. It reminds me we are all human and look forward to life through a different lens. I truly enjoy the collaborating we do to best support our clients and community. I most enjoy learning protocols and procedures from peers I work with outside my department. Though we have different roles, we all share the same final product and point of focus.

What is your life like outside of work?

I have a couple of hobbies…aside from socializing! In the last 3 years, I have been learning about refurbishing furniture and have been slowly buying tools to work on my projects. I find it therapeutic to focus on the detail it takes to bring a piece of furniture back to life and give it a new purpose. I am also known for my cooking; I take after my Mama. I love connecting over good homemade food and find it gratifying sharing my cooking with friends and family. It’s fun to challenge myself to cook things outside of my Mexican repertoire and to adopt flavors from other cultures to elevate my current cooking style. Lastly, I have grown a love for pets. I am a happy fur dad of three lovable dogs. They brighten my days! I like spending time with them and caring for them. Sometimes I even forget they don’t speak!

Do you think this award reflects your personality and work here at the agency?

Thank you from my colorful heart to the person who took the time and thought to express such a kind message in their nomination. It humbles me to know people can read my positive energy being shared.

I truly strive to be as positive as possible. Life is difficult as is, and I have learned the best memories and impressions are made laughing. Did you know that studies have shown that when you smile, you appear more attractive and confident to other people? That’s because the physical act of smiling affects the part of the brain that regulates your emotions. Also, when a smile flashes across your face, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released into your bloodstream, making not only your body relax, but also lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. It means a lot to me to share a smile with those I come across and contribute a positive memory to their day.

Congrats Ozzy and Juan! And thank you for helping make IRC a great place to work.

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