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This post is intended for IRC Service Providers.


Dear Day Service and Transportation Providers:

Inland Regional Center (IRC) is anticipating that Transportation and Day Services will begin traditional face-to-face services starting July 1, 2021.  Prior to reopening, vendors must submit a completed “Reopening Checklist” to their Quality Assurance (QA) Liaison as soon as possible.  Center-based/licensed Day Services must also have an approved “Mitigation Plan” prior to reopening, as mandated in the Department of Social Services PIN 20-48-ASC.

Once the “Reopening Checklist” has been submitted and reviewed, you can begin the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) meetings for each client to determine who might return to traditional services and who may want to continue with an alternative model.  The IDT meeting and the subsequent Individual Service Plan must reflect the rights and needs of the individuals served, while ensuring all possible strategies are in place to protect the health and safety of all participants and staff.

IRC is recommending that all service providers include, but not limited to, the day service provider, the residential provider, and the transporter, be available for the IDT meetings, as well as the client, their family/circle of support and the Service Coordinator.

Questions should be directed to your QA Liaison. For assistance finding your QA Liaison please email [email protected].


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