Legislature, Governor Approve Major Funding For DD System!

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This content has been reprinted with permission from the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA)


Final Budget Agreement – The Biggest Investment Our System Has Seen In Many Years!

Legislative leaders, members of the Senate and Assembly, and Governor Newsom have agreed to a Budget that gives our system tremendous reason for hope.

As Rita Walker, ARCA’s Board President put it, “the new funds in this budget set the stage for enhancing the ability of regional centers and service coordinators to serve clients and address their individual and unique needs.”

The bottom line? A lot of money in the coming years to support a more modern, responsive system that can better meet individual and family needs.

Key points (more details here) are:

  • A five-year phase-in of rate reform for service providers
  • A total of nearly $90 million a year for new regional center service coordinators, starting July 2022
  • Modernized technology to both help families and people served by regional centers have more control over their data and support critical system infrastructure
  • Creation of a training and certification program for direct support professionals, as well as extra funds for cultural competency and language access
  • Restoration of social recreation and camp! (as well as educational services and non-medical therapies)
  • A performance incentive pilot program for regional centers
  • Additional funds for individuals seeking employment
  • Expanded regional center service eligibility for certain 3- and 4-year-old children
  • New support for reaching diverse communities
  • Ending the Uniform Holiday Furlough Schedule
  • Getting rid of the sunset on the ~8% rate increase for service providers

Soon, we’ll be launching an effort to help you connect with your legislators to let them know you appreciate them responding to your advocacy. This is a huge long-term commitment to our system and the over 350,000 Californians it serves. It’s critical they know this was the right choice. Sign up today!

ARCA’s Executive Director, our own Amy Westling, said it best.

“We are deeply grateful for the long-term commitment the Legislature and Governor have made to our community, and their collaborative work to secure this funding. As these funds come into our system, they will help ensure the needs of people with developmental disabilities, and their families, are front and center.”

For media enquiries, please contact Daniel Savino at ARCA at [email protected].

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