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The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) sometimes receives information about topics resulting from reviewing of Special Incident Reports (SIR’s), recent issues, and other topics that relate to wellness and the health of our clients.

To help bring awareness to these issues DDS has a Wellness Toolkit on their website for all to review and share with others.

DDS’s most recent bulletins on the Wellness Toolkit page covers two critical topic areas:

  1. COVID Variants and Vaccinations
  2. Recognizing and Reporting Abuse and Neglect.

IRC would like everyone’s help in distributing these invaluable DDS bulletins to relevant individuals in our community.

Each bulletin contains information to raise awareness and provide suggestions or strategies for promoting Wellness and Health, mitigating risk, and sources of additional information.

These bulletins are available on the DDS Wellness Toolkit website. Please check them out and share on your websites and social media platforms.

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Dr. CJ Cook, DBA

As Program Administrator, CJ is responsible for the proactive oversight of various units within IRC, including Community Management, Service Access and Equity, and Training and Development. CJ's oversight extends to Language Access and Cultural Competency (LACC), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), equity in the Purchase of Service (POS), and the National Core Indicator (NCI) project. Furthermore, CJ is tasked with managing the IRC's Performance Contract with DDS and overseeing Emergency Services.

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