Congrats 2017 Retirees!

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Our 2017 Retirees are as loyal as it gets. As a group, they have logged more than 200 years of service with Inland Regional Center! Their hard work and dedication helped shaped our agency into what it is today. Thank you, retirees, for your service to IRC, our Consumers, and the community. We bid you adieu and wish you all the best!


Linda Ambriz, 27 Years of Service

Bob Britton, 11 Years of Service

Debbie Mannon, 31.5 Years of Service


Don Pedersen, 27.5 Years of Service

Valerie Petty, 23 Years of Service

Jan Salfen, 31 Years of Service

Kathy Richardson, 20.5 Years of Service


Russ Thompson, 37 Years of Service

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