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Assembly member Chris Holden is leading the charge to let service provider rates reflect local minimum wages. Can you join us in Sacramento on August 30th?

Cities and counties across the state are raising local minimum wages to help ensure workers can make ends meet. But there’s no simple way to raise rates for service providers. Fortunately, a bill by Assembly member Chris Holden will help fix that.

The bill has been getting unanimous support all the way, but there are two hurdles facing us. First, we need this bill to pass the Senate Appropriations Committee. Assemblymember Holden is sponsoring a rally at the Capitol, and the more people who show up, the more we can show the Legislature how important this bill is!

Can you spare an hour in Sacramento on Thursday, August 30th? From 10am to 11am, we’ll be raising our voices on the south side of the Capitol, asking the Legislature to make sure service providers get rates that account for local minimum wages.

If you can’t come in person, you can still call your Senator’s office, introduce yourself as a constituent, and say “I support AB 279, and I hope my Senator will, too.”


Here’s your cheat sheet for this event!


And the other hurdle? If this bill is approved by the Legislature, we’ll still need to press the Governor to sign it. And raising minimum wages doesn’t solve wage compression, or salary requirements. But today, we need to focus on this fight!

Save the date! Thursday, Aug. 30th – South side of the Capitol, 10am – 11am

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