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This content has been reprinted with permission from the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA).



Just two weeks until we join Assemblymember Chris Holden in a rally to push for service provider rates that reflect local minimum wages! Can you join us in Sacramento on August 30th?


Assemblymember Chris Holden is taking the lead to help people with developmental disabilities and the organizations that support them. He has authored a bill, AB 279, to let service providers get extra funds to cover the cost of local minimum wages.

Two weeks from today, in Sacramento on Wednesday, August 30th, from 10am to 11am, we’ll be on the south side of the Capitol (the N Street side). Why?

This bill has enjoyed unanimous bipartisan support, but it’s coming up on a major hurdle. That’s the “Senate Appropriations Committee,” a committee that considers all bills that cost money. So we’re joining Assemblymember Holden at the Capitol to put them on notice that this bill is worth it, and they should pass it!

From 10am to 11am on the 30th of August, the community is coming together at the Capitol, to let our representatives know how important this is. Because without this bill, there’s no meaningful way for providers to get the money they need to pay the wages their workers earn. Will you join us as we wage this fight?



Here’s your cheat sheet for this event!

ARCA’s letter of support


Whether you join us in Sacramento in person or in spirit, your advocacy is definitely a part of the solution. And there are two more things you can do to help!

First, call your Assemblymember and Senator, and ask them to join the rally. Let them know “it’s being coordinated by Assemblymember Holden’s office,” so they know whom to follow up with.

Second, call your senator’s office. When your call is answered, just say “I am a constituent, and I support AB 279. Would you please tell the Senator I hope they will support this bill by asking their colleagues to pass this bill out of the Senate Appropriations Committee?”

Go to http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov and call your representatives at their “Capitol” office today!

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