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The Regional Center Team

Your service coordinator is the most visible face of the regional center. But did you know they are supported by a team of professionals, with one goal in mind? The work of service coordination doesn’t happen in a vacuum! There are clinical services, quality resources, intake, business support, financial services, and even a board of directors, and they are all focused on making sure the right services get to people in the right way.

Without these colleagues, professionals, and volunteers, our system couldn’t work!

In this new infographic, you can learn about the ways these dedicated individuals provide the support needed to maximize service quality, access, and federal funding to support our system.

This new infographic from ARCA is available to download!



Your Needs, And How Regional Centers Meet Them

Missed our earlier infographic? It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn how over 350,000 Californians with developmental disabilities and their families are connected to services. Through the Lanterman Act, service starts with their regional center. The most important service centers provide is service coordination.

And it’s not just program plans and meetings. It’s a lifelong resource and relationship. To be effective, service coordinators need to know many systems and programs, and have diverse talents, to help people pursue their lifelong goals.

This service coordination infographic from ARCA remains available to download.


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