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When was redesigned two years ago, it was done with “easy” in mind.  The pages, layout, wording, pictures— every part was re-imagined to help our community find what they were looking for, as easily as possible.  Over time, our site has evolved with changes here, tweaks there, becoming the sleek website you see today.  Whether you’re visiting on your laptop at home, or on your phone while on the bus, you should be able to find the information you need when you need it.  Last year we integrated a complete Spanish version of the website, and it was very well received.  Since then we have added a couple of great new features that may help our families even more, and we’re excited to tell you more about them!

Service Provider Search Tool

The latest addition to our online toolbox is a new way to search for Service Providers in your local area.  Gone are the days of searching through a long list of names and numbers.  No need to see everything and the kitchen sink.  You are now able to view a map with color-coded markers around your area, using categories and filters you choose.  This tool was created to make finding service providers in your area much easier, and help you to discover services that you didn’t know were just down the street!  It is important to remember that this tool is intended for research purposes only, and is not a solicitation for services.  As mentioned before, IRC Service Coordinators can help clients and families explore services discovered using this tool.  Not all services may be available or appropriate for a specific client’s needs.

Our Service Provider Search Tool was developed completely in-house, created by a team of individuals looking for a smarter way to search.  This team included members of the Community Engagement team and the technical wizards in our IT Department.   We think it’s pretty great, and encourage you to give it a try!  You may be surprised at what you find.

Service Provider Search Tool


Common Services Listing

Knowing what services may be available has always been something our community has asked about.  If only there were an easy way to see the kinds of services that are out there.  A list perhaps..  The wait is over!  Our Common Services Listing is a guide that was put together to help our community understand the types of services they may be able to receive, from employment, to housing, transportation, respite, and more!

The Common Services Listing, available in English and Spanish, is a basic guide that covers the most common services provided.  It is important to know that this is not a complete list of all services that may be available.  Service Coordinators are best suited to help clients and families understand personalized options, and help to request those services.  All services funded by IRC must be linked to an IPP goal, and the Consumer must meet the qualifications for the service as established by the Lanterman Act.  Our Common Services Listings, as well as other related information, can be found on our Consumers/Families Page, as well as at the following links:

Common Services Listing:
English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Tagalog | Arabic | Chinese

What’s next for the website? is constantly growing and evolving.  As design trends shift and new technologies become available, you can expect the look and feel of our website to improve and add more to your experience.  Since the re-design of our website two years ago, we have added many smart features, visual upgrades, and great content for you to discover.  We expect to continue adding more reasons for you to come back!

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George Gonzalez is the CSTIII for IRC's Community Engagement Unit. He is the primary content editor for, graphic designer for the unit, and co-host on IRC's all-new Access Podcast.

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